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In this bundle, you receive the Ebook version of the book that you can read from your devices. 
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Joan Endicott’s “I Get To!”® Book and trademarked message have been endorsed by some of the greatest legends in leadership and personal development: Like Ken Blanchard, who wrote the forward, Les Brown, Bob Burg and the late Stephen Covey. 

  •  “Awesome book! ‘I Get To’ delivers perhaps the biggest and most powerful message we as human beings need to hear: that how we view our world is absolutely up to us!

This is a book that’s fun to read and would be terrific for every parent to give to their children, and every business owner to give to their employees.  Master Joan’s transformational message and you’ll more than likely experience improved health, increased wealth and – more than anything – genuine peace of mind.

And, isn’t that what life is really about?”  - Bob Burg, bestselling author, co-author of The Go-Giver

  • Read this book and let Joan Endicott’s stories of faith, hope and love cheer you on and help you realize that life is full of opportunities for each of us to choose our attitude.  Don’t say, ‘I have to.’  Change your perspective and say, ‘I Get To!’  Joan and I guarantee your life will be all the better for it. - From the forward by Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager©

"I have always struggled with viewing circumstances in a positive light. I am a Type A personality – very organized and structured and try to have a plan for everything. When ‘life happens’ and things effect my plans in a way I hadn’t anticipated, I tend to get frustrated and expect a negative outcome. Joan’s “I Get To!” book literally changes EVERYTHING – it applies to every aspect of life: spiritual, personal and business. Without exaggeration, Joan’s “I Get To!” book and principle is absolutely life-altering!"

John Lopez
Owner, TKG Protection Systems

"Joan’s “I Get To” book has literally changed my life. It was a HUGE shift to change my perspective from “I have to” to “I get to”. I see absolutely everything through a different lens now. It’s easy for us to take everything for granted…then you see people who’ve had a loss and you realize how much you have. Doing everything in gratitude, changed me – it changed how I look at every aspect of life; from getting up, taking care of my kids, going to work and facing those challenges. It all feels different when I’m embracing what I’ve learned from Joan. It’s so simple – but so powerful. I also love spreading her good work to as many people as I can reach. Everything I have learned from her, I am excited to share with colleagues and friends at Boeing. Looking forward to bringing her in to speak to our team as well."

Dannelle Coates
Executive Office Administrator, Boeing



Joan Endicott is an Award-Wining Keynote Speaker, Author of “I Get To!”®, founder of GIANT-Slayer Coaching and “WOW!” Academy – Women Owning Their Worth.

Her coaching now reaches over 30 countries – across 6 continents.